Sunday, July 5, 2009

red bull gives you wiiings.

ohemgee :)
YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK. it's called "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike. IT'S AH-MAZIIIIIING <3
WARNING: if you want to read this fasinating book for yourself, SKIP THIS PART.
alright then. this book is about this chick named laurel. she's pretty, has blonde hair, yadda yadda blahblah. she moves to some new place called Cresent City or something like that. so she makes this new friend david who's described as
"handsome, has sandy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes". so, yeah. they become good friends and she makes another friend chelsea. all is good, lalaladeeda. then she starts to grow this tumor-like thingie on her upper back. she start to really freak out. then on day it grows to the size of a effin' SOFTBALL. them things are huge, meng. anyway, so one day the ball disappears and in its place are a bunch of pretty white/blue blossoms growing out of her back. at first, she mistakes them for wings but later on she finds out she's...well, we'll get that LATER :)
so anyhow, she freaks out and goes to david's place and she likes "well, yeah there's a plants growing out of my back." and she shows him and he's like "WTF. but i'll still be your friend because YER HAWTT." no, jk. but that's what you FEEL he's saying, hah ;D
well, david's still her friend and david's kind of a geek, a hot one, and he took a sample of her flower-wings and was like "yep, this is a plant, missy." so they talk and stuff, blahhblahblah. then the next day, her and her parents go back to where they used to live because they want to sell it. she wonders off in the forest and she bumps into tamani. and for some reason, she's all like drawn to him or some shizz. and then he explains all this hullabuhloo that's she's a some plant/fall faerie. so they talk and they kind of flirt. so tamani explains that she has to convince her hippie parents NOT to sell her land. then tamani says all this crazy stuff and laurel gets ticked off and she stomps away. so through out the middle of the book, it's basically just laurel and david experimenting on her plant-wings. and them like, hugging and kissing from time to time. hehehe. alright so, laurel tries to convince her mom to not sell the land and she finally gets her mom to think about it for a week. then the buyer comes and laurel senses that something was wrong with him. so she convinces david to come along with her to stalk the creepy buyer. she goes to the address and she sees some creppy abandoned house and they go in. when they do, they see some ugly-looking dudes and some kind of nasty creature. they get caught, get thrown in some river with rocks weighing them down. they experimented earlier that since laurel is a plant, she can breath in carbon dioxide and make oxygen. so they lock lips underwater and breath into eachother. then she gets david out, she gets herself out. they freak and then they go back to david's car. blahblahblah, oh and by the way, in some point of the story, laurel's father get's reallly sick. i forgot to mention, hah, sorry. so anyway, laurel goes back to get tamini to help her. so he does. they all go back to the same house, but david is forced to stay behind. then, laurel and tam go in. tam kills two of the trolls. (BTW, they're trolls. that's why they're so ugly and they want to buy her land because it's like some kind of gateway to some magical world called avalon. i know. crazy shit.) then tam tries to shoot a dart at the guy who's trying to buy her land (i forgot his name, srry.) but it's a trick and the guy gets tam and shoots both of his legs. then laurel gets the gun and shoots him in the shoulder. he runs off and thats the end of that. well, for now. then david comes in and helps tam and laurel. ladedeedaa. then laurel and tam go into the gates of avalon (david can't go in.) and then faerie helpers whisk away tam to get him help. then some old guy gives laurel two gifts. a poiton that will basically cure anything. (for, specifically, her dad) and a diamond the size of a golf ball. he said t give the diamond to her mom so that it will pay off everything. so she does do those things and she explains to her parents that she's a plant/faerie. they believe her, surprisingly. then, she goes back to the forest to see tamani. they meet and they talk all lovey-dovey. it's reeeeeally cute <3
and then they kiss and she promises that she'll be back soon anddd...yeah :D
geezem! that was long :P
oh and yesturday i watched burn after reading and that movie is SO FUCKED UP. innocent people getting shot in the head and getting hacked to death ):
brad pitt is in the movie and he plays the happy-go-lucky, funny guy and he gets SHOT. in the head. when i saw that, i was like "DOUBLE-U. TEE. EFF. WHAT DAH FUCK."
i was so angry ):<
well, adieu pplsss. later, alligator.

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  1. OHMYBEJESUS. i saw burn after reading too. And I was so pissed when Brad Pitt's character died! and at the end everyone got shot or beat up with hammers. CRAZYY.