Saturday, June 27, 2009

sleepover !

mhmm, sleepover :)
it was me, nicole, kathie and annnnnie. ah i love annie x 30217302173203. did ja know she was a cameo in High School Musical? tee-hee.

kathie is sixteen. nicole knows her from work. annie is like twenty-two and we both know her from school. fun times <3
heheh; one sixteen year old, one eighteen year old, one twenty-year old and one twenty-two year old. fun, fun. we gorged on ice cream, watched twilight 940973490702 times, watched some other movies and call those naughty lines fer fun. and of course we prank call some ppplsss. hhheee :)


&nd i scraped my knee.

it was bleeding and everything. ugh, i the hell did i have to trip ):
well, anywayyyys...
michael jackson died and that chick from charlie's angels (old school version) died. rest in peace.

check this out: the hillywood show on youtube. pretty good shit :D

okay well yesturday i finished the maximum ride series. and you know what?

screw edward. i love fang now <3

fer real though. tee-heeee. i cant wait for the FANG book to come out. -salivates-

and new mooooon. ahh. yummmy. can't wait fer november.

and isnt this picture fabulous?

yeah, i like it too :)
so, the week has been pretty boring. i just wanna go home and actually see my ma's face. oh and yugi too! (my cocker spaniel.) he turns nine this july. the little old dog. aww. i got ice cream today. don't worry, not beer, UCH. i got cookie dough ice cream with like a ton of fudge on the top. i lovelovelove cookie dough stuff. if they made a statue of cookie dough, i would eat it all. heh, im such a little fatty. oh and yeah i scraped my knee yesturday when i was walking to my apartment. no one witnessed it (i think). besides, if someone did i prolly would have snuffed them. it hurt sooo bad. it bled and i was scared that vampires were coming to get me. i want to go to a beach soo bad. i havent been to one since spring break. so whats up with yer life? leave comments below and i will post another blog soon enough. ta ta for now, children.

_aly michelle.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"nice legs, daisy dukes; make the men go WHOOWHOO"

thats "starstrukk" by 30h!3. its also on my playlist, so listen to it, foooo.

SO, uhhhhhmm. yeah i haven't been on since like thursday cause i was kinda busy. well, no. on friday i was being a lazy bum. i didn't feel like getting up and going to the library so i was like "blahimmagotoshlleeep." and yeah thats i what did for basically the whooolee day. and then on saturday i went job hunting with nicole. just swiping as many application as i cannn. then on sunday was father's day. i called my pop, had a little chat annnddd yeah.

sorry if my post is boring you. im still half-asleep.

adios, muchachalatas.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

nirrimi photography.

i love it :) see my blog header? yeah, that picture is nirrimi. she's an awesome photographer. prop, meng :)
check it outttt;
yes, its pretty pimp.

so, yesterday i went to Joe's (ice cream spot) and they made a new flavor. and guess what it is?

it's beer.

ew. i mean, don't get me wrong. i like alcohol as much as any other damn college student...but beer ice-cream? bllechh. and just for the fun of it, i wasted $2.78 just to taste. and. it. tasted. like. shit. i wanted a damn refund. it didn't even taste like beer! for all you kiddies who haven't drank beer before, have you ever smelled wine? you know that strong, dry smell? yeah. imagine licking that. so i threw away my ice cream, i was gonna give it to a hobo but i didn't feel like making the poor guy throw up. so, i threw it out, noticing that not even the effin' pigeons were pecking at it. so sad. so i decided to go to the corner store. ya know, so i can buy gum to get that nasty taste outta my mouth. so i buy a pack of orbit (yum.) and then it turns out that i spend the last of my chump change on that stupid ice cream and all i had was a twenty-dollar bill.

" a twenty-dollar bill for a pack gum, little miss?"

yes, that's what the geezer said. i shrugged cause i didn't know what to say, embarrassed. and mind you, there was a huge line behind me. and to make matters even worse, the register guy made a big deal and was like "-BIG, HEAVING SIGH- okay, fine." it was a miracle that i didnt grill at him :/

so, 10 years later i walk out of the store with gum in my mouth and i walk into borders. totally harmless, right? er. WRONG. i go into an aisle and this little kid's foot was stretched out and i trip. in front of a book display and i make like 8,000 books fall.

and you know what i did next?

i ran.

i ran all the way to my apartment and hid under my covers.

yesturday was a bad day...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

go here or DIE.

better make a twitter, too.
&nd A FACEBOOK if you dont have one.

over and out.


summer 09' to-do list :)

1. go swine-flu hunting with tessa and jackie in disneyland!
2. get a freakin' job.
3. buy a coach purse. (I HAVENT SPLURGED IN LIKE, 40 YEARS BABES!)
4. moon a really hot guy.
5. learn how to do the "stanky leg." (yes, it's SUPER retarded and fer like middle schoolers...but it's an intresting-looking dance ;D)
6. dye my hurr.
7. help nicole dye HER hurr.
8. shave wilson's afro :)
9. get a boyfrand that'll last longer than nicole's lipgloss.
10. curl my hair for the first time since i was fifteen.
11. hang out with alexis and tommy more.
12. grow.
13. grow some more.
14. sucessfully ace my future tests :/
15. make a story with tessie/jackie.
16. partay.
17. watch "bruno" with wilson and nicole.
18. make a polyvore set that will have more than 30-40 faves.
19. own a apple computer.
20. see my family.

think i could do it all? lets hope.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


oh and shoutout to tessa, too! :)
you guysz were my OBFFS of summer 08'.
oh yeah, school. yuckiee. well hopefully we can get back on track and stuff like that. you know, make stories, roleplays and all that jazz. like how we used toooo :DD

oh and a little message to jackie: INVITE ME TO YER BLOG, FOOL.

im a person who likes to get her point taken across VERY CLEARLY. tee hee :)
SO ANYYWHOOO, i've been in this library for like 20 hours now. IM STARVING. i like, salivalate every time i see a food ad pop up. -sigh- wilson isnt here for right now and nicole is working. oh and that reminds me; i need a JOB. like fer reallll. oh and guess what? i got a faceboook. yes,yes,yes! i know that this is my third facebook and i'll prolly just drop it, wait for a year then start up a new one. WRONG. i pinky promise to keep this one! even though its starting to get warm here in good ol' cambridge, im wearing a navy hoodie and VS pajama pants that i borrowed from my friend kathie. know why? cause the library is a freeaakin' freezer. last time i checked it was like fifty degrees in here. GOD. and whenever someone tries to suggest fer the librarian to turn up the heat, she gets like a heart attack and threatens to confiscate your "electronical devices." so yeah, if you ever come here; WEAR A PARKA. thats all im saying :)



SUPP supp :)
mm, this font is jazzy, eh? well i just wanted to start up a blog again because im gonna have more time on my hands from now on. thereforree, you can stalk me all youh want! i have a faceboook and i might make a twitter but whatever. in case yer a newbie, here's some info about yers truelyy!

HELLO. im aly michelle parker. im eighteen. im currently living in cambridge, mass. i go to harvard and to be blunt i hate it. if i could just start over and go to university of florida (UCF) , i would've liked it a whole lot more better. but oh well, shit happens and you just gotta go with the flow. i was born in englewood, joizey then i moved to windermere when i was a youngstur. thennn i grew up and i went over hurrr; cambridge. i used to work at some cheesy cafe but i quit like 30 years ago. now im still workless but im applying for some stuff. if this harvard shhit doesnt work out im just gonna call it quits and go to UCF cause trust me, this is wayyy too much. and i miss my family a lot. im your average girl. when i was like sixteen, fifteen i used to rock all that designer shit. then 3 years later when my maturity level raised 40%, i started to wear just normal stuff. i still splurge like once every other month but not like i used to. my best friends are nicole and wilson. but wilson is moving so screw him. im kinda tired right now is excuse me if i sound like a beetch :)

ANYWAYS, today was quite boring. my laptop is still is whatthefucksville so i still gotta go to the HRL to use the computer. ugh, dungeons-and-dragons kids surround me. but this is what i get fer going to harvard. you know what, world? i think i might go to UCF. i dont know. im not sure. maybe quitting this ish and going to UCF might be the biggest mistake but im considering it.

farewell, children.