Monday, June 22, 2009

"nice legs, daisy dukes; make the men go WHOOWHOO"

thats "starstrukk" by 30h!3. its also on my playlist, so listen to it, foooo.

SO, uhhhhhmm. yeah i haven't been on since like thursday cause i was kinda busy. well, no. on friday i was being a lazy bum. i didn't feel like getting up and going to the library so i was like "blahimmagotoshlleeep." and yeah thats i what did for basically the whooolee day. and then on saturday i went job hunting with nicole. just swiping as many application as i cannn. then on sunday was father's day. i called my pop, had a little chat annnddd yeah.

sorry if my post is boring you. im still half-asleep.

adios, muchachalatas.


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