Sunday, June 14, 2009

summer 09' to-do list :)

1. go swine-flu hunting with tessa and jackie in disneyland!
2. get a freakin' job.
3. buy a coach purse. (I HAVENT SPLURGED IN LIKE, 40 YEARS BABES!)
4. moon a really hot guy.
5. learn how to do the "stanky leg." (yes, it's SUPER retarded and fer like middle schoolers...but it's an intresting-looking dance ;D)
6. dye my hurr.
7. help nicole dye HER hurr.
8. shave wilson's afro :)
9. get a boyfrand that'll last longer than nicole's lipgloss.
10. curl my hair for the first time since i was fifteen.
11. hang out with alexis and tommy more.
12. grow.
13. grow some more.
14. sucessfully ace my future tests :/
15. make a story with tessie/jackie.
16. partay.
17. watch "bruno" with wilson and nicole.
18. make a polyvore set that will have more than 30-40 faves.
19. own a apple computer.
20. see my family.

think i could do it all? lets hope.


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  1. Aly sounds like you'll have a super smashing summer!! I'm excited to watch Bruno too! thanks for visiting my blog, BTW=)