Thursday, June 18, 2009

nirrimi photography.

i love it :) see my blog header? yeah, that picture is nirrimi. she's an awesome photographer. prop, meng :)
check it outttt;
yes, its pretty pimp.

so, yesterday i went to Joe's (ice cream spot) and they made a new flavor. and guess what it is?

it's beer.

ew. i mean, don't get me wrong. i like alcohol as much as any other damn college student...but beer ice-cream? bllechh. and just for the fun of it, i wasted $2.78 just to taste. and. it. tasted. like. shit. i wanted a damn refund. it didn't even taste like beer! for all you kiddies who haven't drank beer before, have you ever smelled wine? you know that strong, dry smell? yeah. imagine licking that. so i threw away my ice cream, i was gonna give it to a hobo but i didn't feel like making the poor guy throw up. so, i threw it out, noticing that not even the effin' pigeons were pecking at it. so sad. so i decided to go to the corner store. ya know, so i can buy gum to get that nasty taste outta my mouth. so i buy a pack of orbit (yum.) and then it turns out that i spend the last of my chump change on that stupid ice cream and all i had was a twenty-dollar bill.

" a twenty-dollar bill for a pack gum, little miss?"

yes, that's what the geezer said. i shrugged cause i didn't know what to say, embarrassed. and mind you, there was a huge line behind me. and to make matters even worse, the register guy made a big deal and was like "-BIG, HEAVING SIGH- okay, fine." it was a miracle that i didnt grill at him :/

so, 10 years later i walk out of the store with gum in my mouth and i walk into borders. totally harmless, right? er. WRONG. i go into an aisle and this little kid's foot was stretched out and i trip. in front of a book display and i make like 8,000 books fall.

and you know what i did next?

i ran.

i ran all the way to my apartment and hid under my covers.

yesturday was a bad day...



  1. that sounds like an amazing day to me x] sorry about the beer ice cream, though D: you should write a customer complaint thing.

    so weird. where i live, the people at corner store's don't give a crap when we use credit cards/$20 bills to buy gum xD we're so stereotypical. which is why i always bring a pocketful of quarters.

    i knocked over a whole pile of sports equipment at Big 5 once :| BLAME THE KID IF YOU'RE TAKEN IN FOR QUESTIONING.

    lol. you just made my day, tessa :)


  3. Your blog header is pretty boss : ) Beer flavored ice cream...yuckk!

  4. i was like "it worth to try" before i read the rest of your writting. but then after your explanation, that sounds so gross. yuck. lol

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  6. Ewww. beer flavored ice cream? Bleck.

    Haha. I have bad days too :) Once I farted in public, and it was at school. The guy in front of me was like "DID U JUST FART JACKIE?"

    And then I was like..."NO! YOU SILLY GOOSE!"

    I managed to get away with it :] *karate chop*