Saturday, June 27, 2009

&nd i scraped my knee.

it was bleeding and everything. ugh, i the hell did i have to trip ):
well, anywayyyys...
michael jackson died and that chick from charlie's angels (old school version) died. rest in peace.

check this out: the hillywood show on youtube. pretty good shit :D

okay well yesturday i finished the maximum ride series. and you know what?

screw edward. i love fang now <3

fer real though. tee-heeee. i cant wait for the FANG book to come out. -salivates-

and new mooooon. ahh. yummmy. can't wait fer november.

and isnt this picture fabulous?

yeah, i like it too :)
so, the week has been pretty boring. i just wanna go home and actually see my ma's face. oh and yugi too! (my cocker spaniel.) he turns nine this july. the little old dog. aww. i got ice cream today. don't worry, not beer, UCH. i got cookie dough ice cream with like a ton of fudge on the top. i lovelovelove cookie dough stuff. if they made a statue of cookie dough, i would eat it all. heh, im such a little fatty. oh and yeah i scraped my knee yesturday when i was walking to my apartment. no one witnessed it (i think). besides, if someone did i prolly would have snuffed them. it hurt sooo bad. it bled and i was scared that vampires were coming to get me. i want to go to a beach soo bad. i havent been to one since spring break. so whats up with yer life? leave comments below and i will post another blog soon enough. ta ta for now, children.

_aly michelle.

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