Thursday, June 11, 2009


SUPP supp :)
mm, this font is jazzy, eh? well i just wanted to start up a blog again because im gonna have more time on my hands from now on. thereforree, you can stalk me all youh want! i have a faceboook and i might make a twitter but whatever. in case yer a newbie, here's some info about yers truelyy!

HELLO. im aly michelle parker. im eighteen. im currently living in cambridge, mass. i go to harvard and to be blunt i hate it. if i could just start over and go to university of florida (UCF) , i would've liked it a whole lot more better. but oh well, shit happens and you just gotta go with the flow. i was born in englewood, joizey then i moved to windermere when i was a youngstur. thennn i grew up and i went over hurrr; cambridge. i used to work at some cheesy cafe but i quit like 30 years ago. now im still workless but im applying for some stuff. if this harvard shhit doesnt work out im just gonna call it quits and go to UCF cause trust me, this is wayyy too much. and i miss my family a lot. im your average girl. when i was like sixteen, fifteen i used to rock all that designer shit. then 3 years later when my maturity level raised 40%, i started to wear just normal stuff. i still splurge like once every other month but not like i used to. my best friends are nicole and wilson. but wilson is moving so screw him. im kinda tired right now is excuse me if i sound like a beetch :)

ANYWAYS, today was quite boring. my laptop is still is whatthefucksville so i still gotta go to the HRL to use the computer. ugh, dungeons-and-dragons kids surround me. but this is what i get fer going to harvard. you know what, world? i think i might go to UCF. i dont know. im not sure. maybe quitting this ish and going to UCF might be the biggest mistake but im considering it.

farewell, children.



  1. Don't quit Harvard Alyy! :( If you do you'll never take over the world!

    Jackie (ur bfflz who you probably already forgot)

  2. who are you? ive never heard of you ever before in my life....

    JK :D

    WHAT?!?!? i did not forget you jackie. never ever ever :)
    YOUR BLOG IS PRIVATE YOU CACAHEAD. you gotszz to add my new email:

    iight :)